The Life and Times of Liam Stevens

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  • The Big Day

    A knock at the door Sarah say's "I've had 3 contractions in the last hour"

    Diane and Steve (the Montague grandparents are up and wide awake), Sarah doesn't want to wake Mark in case its a false alarm as he may have to go to work the next day.

    We spent the next few hours watching the sun come up and listening to the dawn chorus, Sarah sits and walks around the garden trying to ease the pain

    Mark joins us in the conservatory, "whats going on" he says, we fill in him on the details and a smile comes to his face

    The next few hours are spent measuring the time between contractions and trying to figure out when we need to get to the hospital, a call to the midwife puts our minds at ease, she says to Sarah "Go there when it gets too much for you", wise words, we wouldn't have to worry about getting there in time as Liam's not going to pop out for some time yet.

    Sarah's battling with the contractions, they're getting stronger and more painful, it's getting hard for her to find a position to stand/sit/crouch to get some respite so we head for St Mary's hospital.

    Steve and Diane follow Mark and Sarah

    When we reach the hospital we get directed to the labour ward and are put in room 2, the staff are calm, friendly and put us all at ease.

    Our first midwife is Gill, she give's Sarah a thorough examination and says that all is going well. As the contractions are coming on harder and more frequently, Sarah is introduced to the Nitrous Oxide, it helps to take the edge off of the pain but Sarah feels like she's been out on the town after each go..........

    Sarah is in a lot of the pain and try's every position to make the contractions bearable, leaning over the table by the window helps a little for a while and standing up as well, although after using the Nitrous Oxide Mark has to hold her up.

    About 16:00 midwive Gill leaves, she's done a great job and really professional job and also helped to keep all of our spirit's up, I think she's disappointed that she won't be around for the birth but we were pleased with everything she did.

    Our new midwife Emma came in and introduced herself and her assistant Emma (2) after a brief handover she got stuck in and measured the progress, we were told that all was going well and that everything happening was perfectly normal (and it was)

    Most people have seen births on the TV, you see the mother pushing really hard for a few seconds, then you see the baby come out, in real life it's not quite like that...........

    The Initial Labour - This starts with the first contractions and can take anything between 6 and 14 hours, the contractions gradually open up the cervix to allow the baby to move down ready for birth, I'd say that this phase took about 12 hours for Sarah.

    The Final Push

    The initial Labour is tiring and painful, it wore Sarah down and tired her out. I'm sure every mother goes through this and even though they are probably the most tired and exhausted that they have ever been in their lives most manage the final push without assistance, when I say the final push I should say pushes as it took Sarah about 1.5 hours to push Liam's head out by pushing when the contraction's came about 2 minutes apart.

    Little by little we watched the head coming out, after what seemed a long time the head was out and on the next push out came Liam, he looked huge and was a funny colour

    Liam started crying straight away and was put onto Sarah to hold, he soon gained a normal colour as he started taking his first breath's

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