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  • We thought it would be nice to give a few tips to new parents based on our experiences so we decided to take over this part of the site.

    Being a parent for the first time is quite a daunting experience and after Liam arrived we weren't quite sure what was right and wrong about so many things, ie, when to feed him, how much, what to do when he cries, how much gear to take when we go out with him, how to hold him, how to change his nappy, how to bath him and so many other things, so we thought it would be nice to write about them and maybe ease the worry of parents to be that come across Liam's website.

    Firstly It isn't difficult people have been having babies from the dawn of time, there are a few things that its worth knowing.


    All babies cry, it's there way of telling us that they need something, as babies can't talk its the only real way they have to communicate and when you get used to interpreting the signs you can 'usually figure out what they are trying to communicate, the main one's at birth are:

  • I'm Hungry
  • My Nappy needs changing
  • I'm in pain (wind mostly)
  • I'm Hot
  • I'm Cold
  • I'm only a day old and need a cuddle
  • I'm bored (although a well fed baby tends to sleep before it has time to get bored)
  • Sleep Deprivation

    This is probably the hardest part of being a new parent, but there are ways to make it easier;

  • Make sure baby is fed just before you go to bed, baby will sleep longer.
  • Share the feeding, changing etc. if you are a two parent family take turns at doing the feeding etc. every other night.
  • The environment.. its nice to have baby in with you but if baby is in your bed movements or noise could wake baby up, feed the baby and let the baby sleep in the nursery if you have one.
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