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  • me and mum about an hour after I was born

    This site is about me 'Liam Stevens', I've had a bit of help building it but one day I should be able to do it by myself with maybe a little help from Grandad and my Chav uncle Weekend Rob.

    Above is a picture of me with my mother Sarah taken about an hour after I was born, I didn't find the experience too bad although I was kept waiting for almost 12 hours after I decided to come out, my Grandad has written about it here

    I was born on the 14th July 2005 at 17:35 at St Mary's Hospital Portsmouth, my dad is Mark Stevens (aka Spok) and my mum is Sarah Montague (aka Treacle), I weighed 8 lb and 10 oz at birth and have big feet, mum and dad think I may become a footballer.

    Dad watched me being born, Grandad Steve and Granmother Diane (aka Flossie) and Grandmother Maureen were there as well so I got to meet the folks as soon as I popped out, shortly after Grandad Neil turned up for the photo shoot.

    'I'll' be adding more pictures to my website as I grow up and writing about the things that happen to me.

    My cousin Robyn is off to Uni soon and has just built her first site, check it out Express News 4u

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